bestmin PREMIUM

Remineralizer with Magnesium

The BWT bestmin PREMIUM filter cartridge adds minerals to low TDS water and adds a key flavour carrier Magnesium ion. The bestmin PREMIUM system is specially designed for coffee applications and downstream of reverse osmosis systems. The system is easy to use and the replacement filter has a 10,000 litre capacity.

Product Guide

CODE Description Capacity
FS24M10A00 bestmin PREMIUM M cartridge 10,000 litres
FS00Y00A00 BWT filterhead and bracket
FS0051A00 BWT bestflush valve

Specifications & Operating Conditions

  • Materials of construction: Food grade plastics and media
  • Pressure range: 200 – 800 kPa
  • Temperature range: 4 – 36 deg C
  • Flow rate: < 15 lpm
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: 12 months max
  • Length: Head and cartridge 500mm  Cartridge  425mm
  • Diameter: 130mm
  • Inlet to filter: 3/8″ bsp

Parts & Accessories

  • FSOOYOOAOO     Filter head and bracket
  • FSOO51AOO         BWT bestflush valve